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  • Choose a membership you like. – You can change it any time to receive different products if you want. – Five days prior to shipment.
  • Fill up your details and preferences – shipping zone and frequency. When buying on Trivino you receive three items in line with your membership options - the labels will be a surprise.
  • Receive you Trivino Member Box 5 business days after the 15th of each period.

Not sure? You can easily change your mind.
You can change or cancel your order until the 10th of each month. – In case of enquiries send us an email with your membership number and details about your order.

  • Buy it anytime from our Online Wine Store. – In Trivino you can also buy anytime out of the membership club. Choose at least three labels and cheers!
  • If you buy from the Retail Wine Store you will get your order within 5 business days after your purchase.

Not sure? You can easily change your mind.
If you buy at the Wine Store you can cancel your retail purchases within 24 hours after we confirm your payment.

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Being a Trivino Club Member

  • As a wine club member, you’ll have access to exclusive member-only referred pricing
  • Exclusive access of new releases of the best regional local certified producers
  • 10% discount on all additional wine purchases within the subscription period
  • Club exclusive bottlings
  • First access to all new release wines
  • Invitation to all wine club events
  • Access to members' LXW Lounge Room in Lisbon Donwtown
  • 10% member’s discount - up to 40% off during winter - when you visit our Tasting Room – Eating Bear Wine Restaurant
  • Portuguese Wine gifts throughout the year

The local producers sometimes have variations on stock due to small series and harvests. In case you pay for a wine and we are out of stock we will notify you and give you the credit to spend on our Online Store or refund the amount spent.

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